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About Us

Netrouting is a leading provider of high quality web, virtual, colocated- and dedicated hosting services. With a customer base comprising CDN suppliers, corporate entities, bloggers, streamers and ISPs.

Netrouting today offers a great variety of services out of The Netherlands, Sweden and United States. Services such as:

- Webhosting
- Cloud Hosting
- Virtual Hosting
- Dedicated Servers
- Colocation (Shared Colocation & Rack Housing)
- Connectivity (Bandwidth, IP-Transit, CityLAN)

Netrouting is a healthy, independent and privately funded company with financial and operational freedom.

The hosting industry is constantly moving. The world of information technology is developing faster than ever and the hosting industry adapts. Netrouting is committed to offer you that quality service you're looking for at a fair price. Supported by a very approachable and skilled team of people, Netrouting can assist you with your IT needs today.

If you're interested to learn more about Netrouting, the team or our services; than feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a commitment free tour and introduction.


2008/2009 - ACQUISITIONS

Netrouting started out with a strong acquisition of Sparkle IT Solutions in 2008, expanding webhosting and dedicated server services rapidly across 2 more datacenters in The Netherlands. Continuing a stream of investments, Netrouting pursued growth into the rapidly growing virtual server market in 2009. Already providing all hosting services for xenEurope, an acquisition was the most desirable step to take when the opportunity presented itself, kickstarting Netrouting into the world of virtual servers with over 300 new customers. Netrouting still operates the xenEurope brand as of this day, to what it stands and was designed for. Click here to find out more about xenEurope.


Founded in 2007, Netrouting an all-round Internet Service Provider (ISP) in The Netherlands, quickly provided and grew with the high demands of the hosting industry. In 2010 Netrouting expanded to United States, opening up it's first presence in Miami, FL. Shortly after in the beginning of 2011, Netrouting took the jump and moved to the Northern parts of Europe, opening up several presences in the Stockholm area of Sweden.


In 2012 Netrouting opened up it's first regional private datacenter in The Netherlands. Netrouting's first datacenter, also known as "Data Facilities", offers up to 11.000 sqft datacenter space, 7000 sqft office space and nearly triple those sizes left for future expansion. Netrouting's datacenter is directly connected to the major datacenters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam by means of multiplexed darkfiber connections. If you'd like to learn more about our datacenter, please visit Datacenters or contact us for a free tour through our facility.

Netrouting in 2013

Netrouting will continue to optimize products and services in all of our locations. Our main goals are set further improve our customer support, public communications and network management.