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The Netrouting backbone was built to optimize response time, latency and uptime. Netrouting is connected to various carriers and internet exchanges, using the the BGP-4 protocol to select the fastest available connection.

European's strongest Internet Exchange Points


The Amsterdam Internet Exchange is currently the biggest internet exchange point in Europe. Netrouting is directly connected to the AMS-IX at our TelecityRedbus2 PoP in Amsterdam NL.


The German Internet Exchange is currently one of the biggest internet exchange points in Europe. Netrouting is directly connected to the DE-IX at our Ancotel PoP in Frankfurt DE.

Quality and performance

The Netrouting network was built to provide reliability and performance, we therefore use first class routing/switching equipment and TIER1 carrier connectivity. Netrouting uses extensive software to monitor the entire network 24/7/365. This allows us to proactively prevent issues before they occur.

The backbone is configured to function fail-safe, this means if one of the connections fail another would pick up instantly for uninterrupted service. The Netrouting backbone runs under the Autonomous System Number 47869 (AS-NETROUTING) and is running multihomed.

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Ripe NCC & Arin Member

Netrouting is directly connected with the Ripe NCC and ARIN. Ripe and Arin are two out of five Regional Internet Registries providing Internet Resource Allocations world wide.