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Rack Housing

Colocate your equipment at one of the finest facilities in The Netherlands, connect directly to the Netrouting backbone and be up and running the same day. Rack housing with Netrouting, provisioning every day of the week, starting out with 1/4 Shared Racks and up to multiple 1/1 Fully Secured 47U 19" Racks.

As a rack housing customer you are directly connected to the Netrouting backbone with a fully burstable gigabit uplink. Your rack is connected to two separate power circuits for both redundancy and usage, a single full rack can use up to 32 AMP of power at 230V.

Key benefits
o Application Programming Interface (API)
o 24/7 datacenter access
o Online reverse DNS management
o Online bandwidth management
o Easy hands included (CD-ROM, reboot, KVM)
o Free on-request KVM over IP
o Ticket/phone support

If you wish to receive a custom quote, feel free to [email protected] and a representative will get back to you shortly. For more information on how to contact us, visit

1 kwh Power €0.15,-
1Mbit 95% Bandwidth €10,-
50Mbit 95% Bandwidth €199,-
100Mbit 95% Bandwidth €299,-
Remote Hands (9x5) €15,- (per 15 minutes)
Remote Hands (24x7) €75,- (per 60 minutes)