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Reseller Program

The Netrouting Reseller program provides exceptional benefits and high quality products for resellers. Supplying your customers by reselling Netrouting servers ensures them of having the highest performance and reliability possible. As a reseller you can grow your own services with us on demand.

We offer two types of reseller programs. Our first program allows you to earn commission on all standard Netrouting services, with commissions going up to 50% on a single payout. You have minimum risk as both administrative and support tasks are handled by Netrouting.

The second program allows you to maintain your own product line, based on our existing services. Buy in bulk and you will receive your discounts in bulk. Generous volume discounts on all servers' monthly and setup fees.
Resellers receive preferential treatment with several administrative tasks such as provisioning.

Program 1 Commission - Affiliate

Reseller Level Server Volume Setup Fee Commission Monthly Fee Commission
Level1 0-10 25% 5%
Level2 11-20 50% 10%
Level3 20+ 100% 15%
Level4 50+ 100% 20%

As a commission reseller you may decide to exchange your monthly fee commission for a one time payout. Commission on all services for one time payouts are 50% of the total amount excluding license fees.

Program 2 Discount - Hosting

Reseller Level Server Volume Setup Fee Discount Monthly Fee Discount
Level1 11-20 25% 5%
Level2 21-30 50% 10%
Level3 30-70 100% 15%
Level4 70+ 100% 20%

Terms & Requirements

- Reseller discounts and commissions do not apply to special offers or promotional coupons
- We reserve the right to reject any reseller applications
- Have a verifiable website served for hosting purposes
- All program 2 resellers must provide their own technical, billing and accounting support to their clients
- Receive and solve abuse & spam complaints
- To qualify for our second program, a minimum of 10 servers at regular pricing is required

Reseller benefits

- Volume discounts on all services
- Resellers who buy in bulk can apply for PA assigned space
- Preferential delivery on limited inventory
- White label for all services
- Customized features in CIS
- API for reseller integration

Contact [email protected] for more specific information regarding our programs. If you wish to sign up as a reseller, please contact [email protected] with your application and a representative will contact you with more information.